A programme of art and culture in connection with the construction of the High Speed Line South. During the creation of the Line, Atelier HSL commissions artists, photographers, designers, architects, writers and scholars.
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Atelier HSL | design for the new meeting point for HSL stations
26.08.2011 - 16.10.2011
Between Amsterdam and Paris, passengers are able to view artworks at the stations and in the trains on the new high-speed rail link (HSL-Zuid).
For the past few months five renowned artists and designers have been making design plans for an eye-catching meeting point for travelers. Artist John Körmeling was chosen by a panel of experts to create his design for the new meeting point, which will be placed in high-speed railway stations in 2007.
Time is working around Rotterdam
Exhibition: Halte Brussel (Brussels Station)
In the short film, 'Time is working around Rotterdam', the French photographer, Valérie Jouve, aptly visualizes our relative experience of speed. The film was commissioned by Atelier HSL and coincides with the construction of the Dutch high-speed rail-link.
19.02.2005 - 26.03.2005
Huis deBuren
The exhibition 'Halte Brussel' was held from 19 February until 26 March at the Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren in Brussels. On display were works commissioned by HSL.
HSL-South | Symposium ‘Fast Images, High Speed and Public Space’
HSL-South | exhibition 'WORKS OF ART'
08.10.2004 - 09.10.2004
TPG building
On 8 and 9 October 2004, Atelier HSL organised a two-day symposium under the title ‘Fast Images, High Speed and Public Space’. The focus of the symposium was the socio-cultural context of the network of European high speed lines.
19.10.2004 - 11.12.2004
De Vijverhof
The exhibition 'KUNSTWERKEN' took place in The Hague at the end of 2004. To mark the Dutch chairmanship of the European Union, 'KUNSTWERKEN' focussed attention on the government’s stimulation of art projects for major civil construction projects. The exhibition showed a number of prominent examples of this policy.
HSL-South | Europe High Speed V.1.
HSL-South | Multiples
08.10.2004 - 09.10.2004
The design office LUST and urbanist Jan de Graaf were commissioned by Atelier HSL to develop a new map of Europe, a map that gives an impression of mobile Europe and at the same time a new view of cartography.
In 2003 Atelier HSL invited five artists -Yvonne Dröge Wendel, Claudy Jongstra, Minke Themans, Hans Op de Beeck and Ben Zegers - to make a rough draft of a portable landscape for a model train set. The commission was aimed at bridging art, the train enthusiast and the model railway hobbyist.
HSL-South | A design for places left over after planning
HSL-South | Open commissions
Atelier HSL organised a public competition in 2003 for ideas for an inspiring intervention or design relating to the zones left unfilled in the landscape along the route of the High Speed Line South.
Part of the Atelier HSL scheme is to award open commissions to Dutch and foreign artists. In 2002 Krijn de Koning was invited by the Atelier to submit a proposal. In 2003 a commission was awarded to the artist Liam Gillick.
HSL-South | Photography commissions
Atelier HSL commissioned Gerald van der Kaap to make a short, essayistic video for the inauguration of the Green Heart Tunnel in 2001. The initial idea was to make a montage of images of trains, tunnels, tunnel technology, landscape and poetic visual elements with a look ahead to the trains and tunnels of the future.
Atelier HSL annually grants and commissions photographers to record the cultural and social consequences of the construction of the HSL-South.